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Modern designs, quality materials, stunning results

Williamson Glass and Aluminium specialises in providing installation and glass replacement services for windows and doors in Townsville and surrounding areas.
We offer vast expertise in producing a wide variety of styles, including sliding windows, sliding doors, awning and casement windows, double hung windows, louvres, sliding multi-track doors, French doors, bi-folding doors and more – the style possibilities are truly endless.
While each style is different in appearance and functionality, most of our range is:

  • Superior in style and strength
  • Designed to withstand the tropical Queensland climate
  • Cyclone-resistant and durable
  • Long-lasting with a workmanship warranty included

We use premium Australian brands

Williamson Glass and Aluminium proudly uses the highest-quality Wintec Aluminium window and door products. They are Australian designed and manufactured, offering modern designs and high-quality finishes that complement any home or office. This top-of-the-range brand has proven to offer superior formulas for their products and meet exceptional Australian standards.
We also regularly use Viridian and Alspec – these brands also offer stunning designs and durable products that are ideal for application in homes and businesses.

Download Wintec Brochure here

We offer supply and installation or supply only

Our technicians offer eithersupply and full installation or supply only. At your free consultation we can discuss your specific installation needs and determine which option best suits your requirements.

Safety glass is available, offering maximum protection

Williamson Glass and Aluminium offers both laminated and toughened safetyglass options:

  • Laminated –comprised of two glass sheets bonded together. When damaged, this material will usually stop the glass from fully breaking up.
  • Toughened–undergoes a special heat process that makes it stronger. When broken, this material will usually shatter into tiny pieces that are less likely to cause injury.

The process:

Step 1: Call 0487 494 197 to organise your free consultation.
Step 2: We will visit your property and perform a full measure and consultation.
Step 3: We will provide a quote – usually within 24 hours.
Step 4: If you accept the quote, we will schedule your installation and order the materials.
Step 5: A licensed professional will perform the installation.
Note – if your service does not include installation, we will simply supply you with the product.

Visit our showroom to view samples

If you would like more information about our products, or wish to view samples of the different materials available, you are most welcome to visit our showroom at
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Organise your free consultation and quote today!

Call Williamson Glass and Aluminium on 0487 494 197 to learn more or schedule your consultation. We will visit your property and perform a full measure and quote for your windows or doors.

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